Abhikarma - Beginning of Efforts ...
began under Sadhana Karuna Educational Society established in 2009. We provide community care for every Indian kids. We have a unity of 216 supporters as life member allover India, having same mindset that emphasises "doing" over just "thinking". We don't have room for just thinkers!!! The states covered by our members as on date are West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat & Orissa.

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SKES has been the leading voice, professional home and pre¬eminent source of scientific information for Young students. We are delighted to invite you to among the many young members of your peers who are proud to be a SKES member world wide.
SKES guarantees you vital access to the information, education and networking tools available from the world's fastest growing organization of Young Achievers - a life membership opportunity designed to help you meet your unique professional needs and interests for your society.


  • To provide proper education to the inhabitants of the locality to develop their social activities as well as to ensure them about the responsibility towards the society.

  • To provide and organize for the development of the social, economic, intellectual cultural status and sports activities primarily of the inhabitants of the locality village and surrounding area.

  • To organize occasional lectures, seminars and symposium on literary or mutterers of topical interest ofthe society.

  • To provide facilities and render all kinds of assistance to needy students in respect of their proper education both in the primary level as well as higher studies both in India and abroad.

  • To make available all amenities for the furtherance of the educational qualification of the needy and prospective students and to distribute books and study centers for the prospect guidance of student.

  • To set up and maintain libraries and also cultivate in the student the habit of using the same

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