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The three fundamental of Abhikarma School Ecosystem are Creation, Communication and Collaboration. Abhikarma school ecosystem has been apioneer inspiringcorporate involvement in education,bridging the gaps across the critical requirements and skill gaps.The benefits are multiphase with enhanced student teacher interaction, advanced evaluationmethods,teacher enrichment programs and parent communication tools.The Abhikarma School Ecosystem has been exceptional in integrating with the social media network like facebook and youtube.The education methodology through the assimilation of students, teachers,parents, schools and corporate world, enhancing the scope of futuristic education and enacting true spirit of learning.

Social Media Integration

Abhikarma-LearningPyramid-AClassic Illustration

The learning pyramid categorically analyses various learning methodologies and behaviors routing to the content retention. 

  • 90% retention is possible when a student teachers another students are apply the learning immediately
  •  Practice enables 75% retention
  •  Student retain 50% when engaged in activities (e.g.,Group Discussion )
  •  Demonstration determines 30% retention
  •  Audio Visual representations mobilize 20%
  •  Reading merely helps 10% retention
  •  Ironically,lectures are only for 5% retention


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