In today’s world of dynamic kids, the quality of education is of education is of paramount importance. Having innovative ideas, creativity and long lasting vision we launched “THE ABHIKARMA KIDS”an elementary school designed to cater the pre schooling needs of students form 2+ to 12+.We decide to provide highly engaging, interactive educational solutions that inspired excellence and innovation in education and raised student achievement.facilities

Advantages & benefits:

  • More motivated students & happier teachers and parents.                 
  • Competitive advantage over other schools.
  • Creates a positive perception of the school among parents/society.
  • Fosters greater student-teacher involvement for better learning and result.
  • Engages students attention and makes the class fun, interesting and interactive

Salient Features:

  • Technology to bridge classroom with the outside world
  •  Digital teaching and learning resources
  •  Standard specific learning resources like educational films, interactive animations, slide shows, mind maps and assessments
  •  One Computer Classroom. 


News & Events

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